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Oct 2016

Trailblazers showcased via new EECCA website, 20 Oct 2016

Media Release, 20 October, (PDF) A national website providing an entry point for the latest information on all market-based energy efficiency schemes operating in Australia was launched today 20 October at by the Energy Efficiency Certificate Creators Association (EECCA). “The site is a key tool to assist the…

Aug 2016

COAG Energy Council Meeting to join dots, 18 Aug 2016

Media Release, 18 August 2016, (PDF) The issue of recent high electricity and gas prices in South Australia provides a critical catalyst for all Australian Governments to join the dots between energy, environment and climate change challenges and opportunities, according to the Energy Efficiency Certificate Creators Association (EECCA). “South Australia’s…

Jun 2016

VEET contributes to consumption drop, 23 June 2016

Media Release, 23 June 2016, PDF According to analysis released on 23 June by Green Energy Markets (GEM) of electricity consumption in Australia for the period January to May 2016, the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) Scheme easily accounted for 75 per cent of the one per cent drop…

Jun 2016

REES 2015 Annual Report, 20 June 2016

Media Release, 20 June 2016, PDF The South Australian market-based Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES) exceeded key targets for 2015 and is set to continue providing benefits to households and the SA economy with expanded activities including business. The Energy Efficiency Certificate Creators Association (EECCA) has congratulated the South Australian…

Dec 2015

Energy efficiency to deliver 1/3 emissions savings for NEP, 7 Dec 2015

Media Release, 7 December 2015, PDF The Energy Efficiency Certificate Creators Association (EECCA) welcomes the release of the National Energy Productivity Plan (NEPP) on 4 December 2015 by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Energy Council to improve energy productivity by 40 percent. Energy efficiency is expected to deliver…

Oct 2015

Target increase for ESS, 14 Oct 2015

Media Release, 14 October 2015, PDF The New South Wales Minister for Industry, Resources and Energy Anthony Roberts yesterday announced improvements to the NSW Energy Saving Scheme (ESS). This included a target increase to 8.5% by 2019, more than the 8% by 2018 initially indicated in the Review of the…

Aug 2015

VEET target increased and extended, 25 Aug 2015

Media release, 25 August 2015 Several thousand existing jobs in the energy efficiency certificate creation sector alone are now secure, according to the Energy Efficiency Certificate Creators Association (EECCA). The five year extension to the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) to 2020 means certificate businesses can now confidently expand and…

Nov 2013

Formation of EECCA, 12 Nov 2013

Media Release, 12 November 2013, PDF Australia’s energy efficiency markets will be strengthened with the announcement today of the establishment of a new, independent body to represent the businesses that create and trade in energy efficiency certificates. These businesses operate across the four state and territory schemes currently supporting the…

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