EECCA Advocacy

EECCA Advocacy

Time to join the dots NOW - for ALL Australian Governments

Energy efficiency is recognised as the lowest cost way to reduce customer bills and greenhouse gas emissions and provides other key benefits including reduced energy demand and downward pressure on energy pricing.

Due to well documented barriers, there has been an underinvestment in this area. Australia's world-leading market-based energy efficiency schemes are currently the biggest drivers of energy efficiency uptake and for delivering greenhouse gas abatement. 

The EECCA advocates that all Australians should have access to market-based energy efficiency schemes as soon as possible. These schemes provide the ideal plank to achieve harmonisation of policy measures and programs for ALL governments in Australia. The schemes will greatly enhance the nation's ability to deliver across energy, environment and climate change portfolios.

The EECCA will continue to advocate for the expansion of these schemes across Australia: with an increase in their targets and their extension beyond current end dates.

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